What is all this?

Adventure School Adventures (ASA) is a Tabletop RPG about students studying at the world's premiere adventuring academy, with the goal of graduating, passing the League Exam, and becoming official Adventurers. It has been in active playtest for over a year. The story for the manga is sourced directly from our weekly session notes! Originally comissioned as a present for my players, I decided to share our story with the rest of the world.

New manga chapters will be released monthly, all of them coming from real session notes just like the first issue. Up next I plan on launching the Course Catalogue web app on this site to help my players reference abilities more quickly and conveniently. Eventually I plan on launching the full game as pay-what-you-want with free tools and other resources all hosted here. If any of this sounds cool to you, consider:

What Is ASA?

ASA is what you get if you smash together My Hero Academia, Persona, and The World's Greatest Fantasy Role Playing Game. It uses a calendar system that explores how the students manage their time between studying, building relationships, working on projects, and getting into trouble. The campaign follows their time exactly throughout their studies, culminating in their graduation and attempt at the League Exam.

Players choose classes for their characters from the Course Catalogue, which lines up one-to-one with what their characters are studying in fiction. This makes ASA a game where the growth of your character's abilities becomes entwined with the story instead of developing inexplicably beside it.

Of course the characters go on into dungeons, slay monsters, and get treasure: and not only as part of their mandatory practical adventuring exams! During adventures the mechanics of the game draws heavily from modern fantasy RPGs like Index Card RPG, and the 5000 pound dragon of the industry, featuring a D20 based system, turn-based grid combat, and a system for representing all forms of non-combat challenges as more than simple pass-fail tests.

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If you have any questions regarding the manga, game, or anything ASA, feel free to send an email to: